Build a treasure chest of precious memories by adding narrations, captions, and descriptions to your pictures.

All you need is:

  •  a digital camera        ($100+)
  •  a microphone, and    ($10)
  •  Total Memories         ($39.95)

  • Record
  • Describe
  • Categorize
  • View
  • Share

Total Memories enables you to add audio narrations of unlimited length to your pictures.

Just imagine listening to your child's seven year-old voice years from now!

How precious would it be to hear the voices of loved ones long after they are gone?

Wouldn't it be great to recall the details of a special event whenever you want?

Your memories are precious:

don't let another one slip away.

Total Memories makes it remarkably simple to start building your treasure chest of memories today.

Along with audio recordings, you may also add captions and descriptions to your pictures.

A caption is a short phrase that can be shown at the bottom of a picture.

A description is text of unlimited length that provides a detailed reminder of special times, places, people or events.

Descriptions may be displayed in either a fading
or a scrolling marquee to help you recall the total memory.

With narratives, captions, and descriptions, you can build an absolutely priceless treasure chest of precious memories.

With Total Memories, you can create any number of categories and subcategories for your pictures.

For example, using categories you could instantly view all the pictures you have of your children or your family's pet, regardless of what folders the pictures are actually stored in.

The product does not import your pictures into a proprietary database or require you to catalog them. Instead, Total Memories works with your pictures the way you prefer to store them on your computer.

Your computer's file system provides one view of your pictures, based on the physical file structure. In Total Memories, categories provide multiple logical views of your pictures, without duplicating them.

Total Memories automatically displays your pictures at the maximum resolution possible.

This yields incredibly crisp detail and brillant, vibrant colors for pictures taken with a digital camera and displayed on a high-resolution monitor.

Total Memories never compromises resolution (even for thumbnail display); it does not compress and import your pictures into a database.

It is doubtful you will find Total Memories to have the fastest viewer on the market, but it stands alone on the mountain top when it comes to display quality.

We encourage you to download the free trial and see if performance is acceptable on your computer.

E-mail your pictures, automatically including any embedded narratives, captions, and descriptions, to friends and family with a few clicks of the mouse.

Print multiple 4x6 prints on a single page, wallet-sized pictures, contact sheets, or full page prints using the product's seamless integration with the Windows Photo Printing Wizard.

It's polite to share and Total Memories is very polite.

Anyone who receives pictures which you send using Total Memories may download the product's viewer component for free.

The viewer allows the recipient to view the pictures, along with their captions and descriptions, and to play your recorded narratives.